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Talent Management

Talent management and human resources have a similarly tangled relationship.Talent management is strategic, often manifesting as a company-wide long-term plan closely associated with overall business goals, while HR is more tactical, dealing with the day-to-day management of people.

Applicant Tracking

Which simplifies every step of your hiring process. By having all your recruiting in one place.You can set up access and permissions in exactly the way that works for you.

Performance tracking

Performance tracking capabilities enable human resources to complete and store performance reviews and appraisals in one central location.helping them provide the tools and environment that give that employee the best chances of contributing to the organizationís success.

Employee Management

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Intelligent Searching

Intelligent searching and matching resumes against job descriptions is not an easy task, not for a recruiter and not for software.advanced search functionality is so important. Such a feature allows you to find that needle in the haystack and capitalize on your recruiting currency.

Job Board

Job Board comes with a built-in, advanced search engine that allows you to filter through all posted jobs to find exactly the one you want. You can search jobs by location, keyword, job type, category, and even date of posting. This unique feature will make your job board all the more valuable to both job seekers and employers.

Sales Management

This Helps salespeople get organized, manage their contacts better, track their sales deals more efficiently and save them time.Also give sales managers a simple yet clear overview of how their team is performing - a tool that helps their team sell better.

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